You don’t merely feel tired or exhausted but you feel even worse.
You feel drained.
As if every inch of energy/life has been sucked away from you.
Sucked away, by “life” itself.

You feel as though there must be something more, something else that will make this reality worth living again. Something that will make Trying– actually worth it.

You feel bored with what you do on a daily basis. The monotony has caused you to become so good at that low-level job that you can do it with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back. So now, you’re stuck in a low-paying and unchallenging situation for more than half of your day. But you’re still determined, still aware that you can change your life at any given time- given the energy.

Energy from where? You get back to the home that you have decided will be your temporary night-office but as you rest your buttocks upon that tiny office chair- you fade away into “lala land”. Where everything is great, abundant and most of all: everything makes a little bit more sense than the real world. It makes so much sense, actually, that by the time you rise: you can not even remember the utopia that you have just woken-up from.

The concept of this utopia- is that foreign. So foreign that it can not be comprehended within the confines of reality. By the time you’ve awakened for the next day, you’ve left your dreams “where they belong” and you’re back into your own self-proclaimed living hell.

Many of us find ourselves living this life, not completely out of choice but out of neglect. Neglect of the nurturing that is required to cultivate our every dream and aspiration. There is a certain level of obsession that one must have. Not an obsession of the dream, that’s probably already there. But an obsession of realizing that dream, a keen want/need to do more; to “suffer” more and to WANT to see more. Make the dream your every-second-reality. When you’re not thinking of your family- you’re thinking of your dream. When you are thinking about your family, you’re thinking about them in the context of your dream. It’s so hard to stress the notion of the importance of affirmations in a world that seems locked into “reaction mode” and distanced from “action mode“.

A world where you just keep on keeping-on. Flowing with the current.
As a creator; it is your responsibility to go against the flow of mediocrity.

So keep raking the leaves, pruning the flowers and watering the soil of your potentially wonderful thought-garden and be sure to nurture your dream to reality.

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