My 183,960th hour of living


Image Courtesy of Infinit3 Sway

Image Courtesy of Infinit3 Sway

As the oceans are abundant with water, so too is my mind abundant with thoughts.

As I steadily approached my 21st year of life, I began to start juggling a myriad of questions. Trying, very hard, to validate and quantify my life thus far. Sure, I’m still young but that’s quite possibly the scariest thing! Will there be a difference in ten years time? Or will I remain stagnant?

The pursuit of our dreams is a journey of… Living. A journey where every “failure” is a lesson in living. And the only thing that will get you back up again is your spirit/belief/trust/faith/insanity. It’s that voice within you that just seems to believe that somehow- you weren’t designed for failure.

You have to stand for something. You just have to. “If you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for everything”.

That’s the epiphany I received on my 183,960th hour of living. You need to believe in something. And most importantly, you need to Be Living what you believe in. That means living in truth, or at least what is true to you.

I live my life simply. I don’t need much else than that that I already possess. I know of the abundance that the universe has in store for me and it is that knowledge that led me to believing that I can literally have everything I want- because I have everything I need.

I want an idea? Well, I have a brain. I want to build that great idea? Well, fortunately I still have hands.  I want funding? Fortunately, I have a bunch of people around me who can offer me a few pennies which they can further procure from their own “bunch of people”.

See, the world is there… waiting for you to become its ruler.

Finally approaching that 21st year was a sort of initiation for me. In a sense that:  I had to reaffirm all my beliefs to keep them in tune with my being. I had to press the reset button and restore my Self to my (ever developing) default settings.

Default settings set by the administrator of the world


This coming of age was less of a realization of time than an eye-opener, for me. And when my eyes began to open, my journey began to unravel…

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