Are you on Soundwave yet?


Image courtesy of TechCrunch

I can’t believe that I have been sleeping on this app for so long.

The Soundwave app was backed by Mark Cuban as long as June 2013! The app basically tracks the listening habits of your friends, yourself and those that follow you on the app. This information is then stored on the website and attached to the various user accounts.

So, I can see what my friends are listening to and I can see how they feel about the things they’re listening to by going through their comments on the songs. The app has recently evolved from merely being on the mobile platform to now being on the Chrome platform- which allows for access of the app on your desktop/laptop.

This app does, however, leave me with an unanswered question: so, you know what i am listening to. You know how I feel about the song. Are you going to start listening to it now? Is that the ‘goal’?

I feel as though, there is a “download” button missing on the app though. But we’ll leave that for the record executives to figure out.


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