ProjectZooLoo is a blog that captures the journey of a startup company as it reaches the point where it needn’t be preceded by the prefix “startup“. Though always remaining startup-minded, ZooLoo uses this blog as an informational/educational tool to be used by fellow young first -time start up entrepreneurs.

Given the combination of the vast business experience both myself (Sihle Hato) and my co-founder Fezile Dhlamini have obtained in our short tenure of our adulthood, we think that using this blog as a business journal would somewhat be entertaining, insightful,  educational and inspirational.

We formed this blog with our basic instinct of information gathering in mind. We wanted to begin the foundations of a library, so that any one who wishes to find out how we became one of the greatest companies to have ever existed can trace back the roots of our inception to this blog.

Our mantra is and always will be: to stay humbleWe achieve our goals through hard work (our rather, ‘smart work’) and the highest calibre of innovation.

This is our Journey, Come Join Us.


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