Hidden within Sergey Brin’s Resume…

Hidden within Sergey Brin's Resume...

This is a perfect example of a man that turned his dream into a reality.

Hidden within the source-code of his 1995 Standford resume, were the prophetic wishes of a would-be billionaire.


Interested in Learning How to etirW edoC?

It really isn’t as complicated as the title may suggest it to be.

Fortunately, there are so many established and emerging educational resources out there right now that offer great and easy-to-learn platforms for basic computer sciences. Most are especially suitable for those who don’t quite have deep pockets- or any pockets at all really. So now students can sign-up on these websites that operate on cost-free business models. Through these various schools, one can gain a basic knowledge of coding (whether it be Python or HTML or even CSS) and can, from there, progress towards another more advanced language and level of computer sciences- already having generated an understanding of the basic foundations of creating in code.

Here’s a list I’ve compiled to lead you onto the path of becoming a programming wizard:

  • For HTML coding (which is what is mainly used to build websites), I found that W3Schools has tutorials that are simple to understand even if you cant spell HTML. This site is also great if you just need quick assistance while stumbling upon a rock in your personal html code
  • For basic coding skills and understanding, I found that Coursera was the best. It is far more comprehensive and informational than its other “lighter” learning counterpart Codecademy. Which, I might add, has a pretty decent JavaScript course that doesn’t require you to download any software. Everything is “on-screen”

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Start coding and feel that child-like sense of creating again.


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