The Choice is Yours


Image from The Matrix: Revolutions

Image from The Matrix: Revolutions

The day that I decide to live for a purpose. That’s the day that I become reborn. I become baptized by my Will and then I become…

Today, let us not think of what we haven’t done. Let us not think about what we have failed.

Rather, let’s marvel at the fact that it is at this moment that you can become anything you want.

The Choice is Yours.


The journey of a man on a quest for freedom (A reflection)

I’m just the typical guy you know? I slacked through high school and barely got by. Found myself a decent university that could do themselves the burden of having my existence exist upon theirs. But I always new that my life would be a constant trek towards freedom. Freedom from the grips of the economy, the temptation of greed, the perception of opposites…good/bad, perception of needs, materialism etc..

But in regards to my startup, I’m on another journey towards freedom. Freedom from the suppression of thoughts un-materialized or rather never ACTIVELY materialized thoughts that were “too big for us”, “not practical”, “too costly/time consuming”.

I declared it to everyone that I know, even those that I’ve never met (some of my Twitter followers and blog followers) . I declared that I would win, that I had it in me… So there is no turning back

Unless, I wanna look like a total douche bag.

Which I don’t.

There can’t be an obstacle that I do not bulldoze through to get to where I need to get. If I gotta get money, then I damn well gotta make that money. If I gotta sell dope, then I’mma get myself a key and Tony Montana that shit immediately!*

Grind at all cost. The journey is full of foolish mirrors disguised as opportunity and some even disguised as doubt. Push through the obstacles, use your mind and your staff and become the manifestation of David in a world full of Goliaths waiting to see you fail.



Journey on.

*I’m not a drug seller and I do not endorse any illegal activities 


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