New Year, New Beginnings (blah, blah, blah)

Image courtesy of Meghan Brown

Image courtesy of Meghan Brown

A new year means new beginnings.

Don’t we all have this goal set in mind at the beginning of every year? Every year we want to do this, this, this, and that better than we did last year. Question is: why didn’t we do all those things in 2013?

Because that’s all we did, we simply had these ambitions and goals “in mind”. We made a choice, but a choice needs to imply a decision and a decision needs to be solidified by a commitment. This is a commitment that makes it impossible for you to ever falter because you will not let it happen.

It’s at the moment when you find yourself in that common crossroad between your old habits and your aspirations. The decision you make at that moment is what will lead to your dreams being realized. That decision will be the differential factor between the past years and 2014.

Decide to be great.
Shy away from habits.
Become great.


I now pronounce you: Microsoft and Nokia…

Since entering in a strategic partnership with Microsoft on Feb. 11, 2011, Nokia has lost 20% of the smartphone market:

Where do you see Microsoft and Nokia heading in the future?

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Wearing the Future

For as far as I can remember, at least in the 2000s, the idea of wearable technology has always been an avenue of interest.

The first watch phone  Samsung SPH-WP10, 1999 The first watch phone Samsung SPH-WP10, 1999

We saw Samsung bring us the first watch phone way back in 1999- And today, the Pebble is creating a buzz.We’ve always seen those cyborgs in sci-fi films who had spectacles that seemed to have a brain of their own. Today, we have Google Glass. Science has always hinted at the possibility of wearable technology and we’re now witnessing this sci-fi reality materialize.

Introducing: The MYO

Image courtesy of MYO

Image courtesy of MYO


“The MYO is a one-size-fits-all armband that is turned on and off via a hand gesture said to be unique enough to avoid accidental activation. Once on, users can control their computer or mobile device by a combination of gestures and arm movements, with the band being able to detect both. MYO reports that the device can detect subtle movements, as well as keeping track of where the user’s hand and arm is at for precise control”- from Slashgear.

MYO has confidently stated that the armband is so fast, that it can react to the electrical signal in the muscle a moment before the gesture is completed, making it seem as if the device is reading your mind. This device can connect with your mobile and computer via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, and is powered by lithium-ion batteries and an ARM processor. Currently the device is compatible with both Windows and OSX and the company is in the process of implementing Android and iOS support.

The MYO seems to be exactly what your thumbs asked for: a break! This isn’t so much a review as it is a preview. The possibilities that this single product could suggest are vastly immense. Very soon we’ll be able to use our MYOs to change the channel, send a text and maybe even take the next Left?

With everything becoming more digitized, one needs to look at how each device can fit into this HUGE picture that is the “Tools of the future”.


Why don’t we start thinking about how these devices can maximize our daily lives?

Tell us what you think you could use these devices for @ZooLooConcepts


Programmed Nostalgia- Throwback

So, Throwback is a new app developed by Calli Higgins. It’s main purpose is to bring back nostalgia by “sending a picture to your future-self” at a specific (prompted) time. What this means is that: you could take a picture of how your face looked when you made your first $100 000 through your successful startup and then program that picture to be sent to you through an email address (perhaps) once a year on your company’s anniversary. 

This is how my picture is going to look in the next couple of months…



Well here’s a link if you want to find out more about this app.