New Year, New Beginnings (blah, blah, blah)

Image courtesy of Meghan Brown

Image courtesy of Meghan Brown

A new year means new beginnings.

Don’t we all have this goal set in mind at the beginning of every year? Every year we want to do this, this, this, and that better than we did last year. Question is: why didn’t we do all those things in 2013?

Because that’s all we did, we simply had these ambitions and goals “in mind”. We made a choice, but a choice needs to imply a decision and a decision needs to be solidified by a commitment. This is a commitment that makes it impossible for you to ever falter because you will not let it happen.

It’s at the moment when you find yourself in that common crossroad between your old habits and your aspirations. The decision you make at that moment is what will lead to your dreams being realized. That decision will be the differential factor between the past years and 2014.

Decide to be great.
Shy away from habits.
Become great.