The ZooLoo Dictionary


Noun: A state or condition where one can only let his goals live in his dreams (in his mind).
This type of person never materializes any of his/her ideas and ends up never being
taken seriously by his/her peers.

game changer

Term: a person or an idea that has the qualities of a visionary. Being that the product/person is ahead of their generation’s time, he creates great works that are designed to not only break into the conventional but he actually changes the conventional.


Adjective: many, a lot, a group of, excess.

Noun: The majority of people. “I’m doing it for the gang.”

Similar to: “the masses”


Verb: sleep, rest, hibernate.


Noun: someone who has a keen attraction to the unknown 

Ma-Bank Book

Noun: money maker, entrepreneur, business man.


Verb: do something to your fullest ability with no compromise, regrets and with full

Similar to: “going in hard”


Verb: relax, let go, chill.


Noun: That old proprietary witch that never let you OPEN anything! (a.k.a Microsoft Windows).


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