Finally, Someone Is Disrupting The Towel

Now there is no longer a need for towels? Soon there won’t be a need for showering either! This innovation is quite smart and feasible though. Great idea


Showering is great, I’m a big fan. But drying off? Laaaaammmmmeeee. All that towelling, it’s enough to make you need another shower, am I right? New York-based startup The Body Dryer realizes this, and they’ve created a device to help you skip the towel and get dry a better way.

The Body Dryer dries you from the ground up, using a device that resembles a bathroom scale but that shoots air up to rid your body of all that excess water. The whole point of the thing is supposed to be to get rid of bacteria that can accumulate and grow on towels, which are apparently a breeding ground for that kind of thing (who knew).

The Body Dryer uses forced “ionized air” which can be set to blow either hot or cold, and the company wants to make them not only for home use, but also for commercial installations in…

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Google Shows A Glimpse Of How Its Modular Phone Moonshot Is Progressing

I’m so anxious about this innovation. I swear if Google actually pulls off the modular-phone…. It’s going to take up sooo much of my time though.


Google has released a video (embedded below) showing a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes at Project Ara, one of the hardware shunkworks projects coming out of its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP). The ATAP group is also working on a 3D mapping handset which Google showed off in February, called Project Tango.

Project Ara is the codename for the modular phone concept that Motorola was working on, and which Google retained when it sold the rest of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.

As Google’s moonshots go, Project Ara is relatively tame — compared to Project Loon‘s connectivity balloons, say. Or the biggie, Calico: Google’s attempt to hack death.

But deconstructing the complexity of a smartphone and refashioning it as a bunch of swappable components which can be slotted together in various custom combinations by the user is clearly no cake walk.

Nor is getting people to grok the concept…

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Google’s Project Ara $50 Modular Smartphone Could Change The Way We Buy Phones Starting Next Year

This is going to bring back the Hobbyist! The smartphone hobbyist, that is. I’ve always wished I could work on the intestines of my smartphone.

Beware cellphone retailers, it might just be the age of flexible hardware


Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Division just announced its first developer event for Project Ara, a modular smarpthone, yesterday, and a new follow-up profile by TIME indicates we could see the device come to market by next year, with a $50 price tag to start. The key phrase there is “to start,” however, as this smartphone with swappable components could get a lot pricier, very quickly.

Ara is designed to offer consumers choice, with an open platform design that provides a basic chassis from Google with, the option to customize functionality using modular components sourced from third-party hardware developers. Users could buy sensors, additional storage, more battery capacity, better speakers and so on, slotting in and out components as needed. Including stupid ones, by the way: project lead and DARPA vet Paul Eremenko tells TIME an “incense burner” could be a module

Google wants to get the price point…

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